Are You a PSP Cheat?

What ever you think about cheats for PSP one thing is for sure they are a big part of the gaming industry. The word cheat is seen by some as a negative word but as far as I can see cheats in the gaming sense are all positive. Sure you can make your way through the game without using them and that posses more of a challenge but there is no harm in playing through the game again using the PSP cheats. After all that’s what there for to use and have fun with.

So what are these cheats for PSP, well sometimes they will be in the form of a login pass name or code to get access directly to later levels of the game or in other occasions they will be in a series of key presses to unlock extra weapons more health and that sort of thing, making the levels easier to complete.

Its completely up to you whether you use these cheats or not but believe me millions of people do use them either to help them through a difficult level or just to enhance their enjoyment of the game.

It may surprise you to know that makers of these games spend many hundreds of hours building these cheats in to the games. Some for the use of the odin eft player but some are never actually meant to be found, these secret hidden cheats never become released by the game maker officially but can be found around the many forums on the Internet. So what is the purpose of these hidden cheats well there used mainly for the developers of the game to make quick progress through game levels for testing and further development of the game.

So whether you use these cheats or not is up to you but if you want my opinion if you don’t use them your missing out on a lot of extra game playing fun that we are all enjoying.

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