How to Enjoy Greek Food

So much of our history is tied to the Greeks. How we live, how we think, and how we eat all can have roots in ancient Greek civilization. The popularity of this food has grown in recent years, due to the findings on how healthy food can be and how it prolongs your life. Greek fast food restaurants can now be found at most food courts at most malls. In this article I would like to give you some of the highlights of Greek Food.

First, Greek food is all about enjoying the simple things in life. The people of Greece enjoy, the sea, the sun and fresh air. The food they eat represents this simple and healthy lifestyle. The food is representative of the landscape, mountains, hillsides, lowlands and the sea. From this landscape comes a diet rich in olive oil, tomatoes, fresh herbs and lots of fresh fish.

Second, moussaka, a dish that is very popularย Best things to do in Greek theatreย throughout Greece is made with fried potatoes, minced lamb, tomato sauce, fried aubergine{eggplant}and cheese then baked in the oven. This dish can be found in most Greek restaurants in the US.

Third, Souvlaki, is a very tasty and popular Greek dish both in Greece and in the USA. It is marinated pork that is roasted then served in pita bread. It is served with Greek salad and Tzatziki a popular yogurt sauce and other flavorful dipping sauces.

There are numerous Greek dishes that consist of fish either being fried, stewed or baked. It is the combination of fresh, light, well seasoned food that makes Greek food a popular choice for Americans.

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