How to Make Great Webinars for Inbound Marketing

Video marketing and webinars are growing trends in the B2C medium, given the power of engagement they possess in attracting viewers. There’s a reason why YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest are some of the most popular websites out there – a picture says a thousand words, and a video says a thousand pictures.

There’s a Method to the Madness

Like anything, making an effective webinar is daunting if you don’t know where to start. It isn’t as simple as just setting up a video and talking about your product and company; because of the demands on your customers’ time, you’ve got to engage.

The format is different; you don’t want to start talking about your company, your services and how your product benefits the consumer – the attention span may already be waning.

For example, if you’re selling solar panels, no one wants to know in what year your company formed, the names of your upper management or their weekend golf-club memberships. Talk about what separates your solar panels from the competition; then people care about the more personal details. Delve into the primary benefit of the service on which your webinar is centered; be ready to answer questions mid-stream and at the end of this section.

Only after you’ve covered this and the attendant Buy Tiktok Followers information should you talk about the company, itself. To get you started, here’s a short roadmap to making awesome webinars and driving that quality traffic to your website:

  • in a webinar, the dressing is important; take the time to create a dazzling – but not distracting – Welcome introduction, along with a personalized invitation that is memorable to the invitee. Send a reminder as the event date nears – most people are just as busy as you are makes sure your audience feels like they’re a part of the event by using interactive technology for fielding and answering questions
  • the whole reason you’re even using a webinar is for the video-marketing power; as such, make sure your PowerPoint skills extend beyond making bullet points and include animations for a more memorable experience
  • make your webinar available for download later; much of your traffic will come from shares with people who couldn’t make the original – or weren’t aware of it in the first place
  • try to reference current events and incorporate them seamlessly into your production – this helps Search traffic for the right, popular and trending keywords

Taking Account of the Benefits

Successful webinars have the power to educate your customers more effectively than reading a manuscript (we’ve all got time considerations); in fact, they serve as segues into further reading later on. Consider these direct benefits of a webinar:

  • an excellent vehicle for generating leads: Many search engines – Google especially – have a specific video option for keywords entered by searchers. Because people prefer watching over reading, videos, pictures, and webinars often receive preferential placement at the top of search results
  • for the same reason, contacts are made and converted at an impressive rate

Sometimes it’s best to launch your first webinar only after you’ve already outlined two or three future ones building off the first. This helps the follow-up process; you can retain your audience with a call-to-action to your next show.

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