Kwikset 955 vs 917: Unveiling the Variances

When it comes to choosing between the Kwikset 955 and the 917 models, homeowners are faced with the decision between traditional reliability and modern convenience. Unveiling the variances between these two locks can help individuals make an informed choice based on their specific needs and preferences.

The Kwikset 917 represents the epitome of traditional deadbolt security. It features a single-cylinder design, operated by a mechanical key from the exterior and a thumbturn from the interior. This model has long been favored for its robust construction and dependable performance. Its simplicity appeals to those who value tried-and-tested security solutions without the complexities of modern technology. Available in various finishes, the 917 seamlessly integrates with any door style or dΓ©cor.

In contrast, the Kwikset 955 introduces a modern twist to the traditional deadbolt by incorporating smart lock technology. This model features a sleek touchscreen keypad, eliminating the need for keys altogether. Users can simply enter a personalized access code to unlock the door, providing a convenient and keyless entry solution. Additionally, the 955 offers remote access capabilities, enabling homeowners to control and monitor their locks from anywhere using a smartphone app.

One of the primary distinctions between the Kwikset 955 and the 917 lies in their operation and access methods. While the 917 relies on mechanical kwikset 955 vs 917 key operation, the 955 offers keyless entry through its touchscreen keypad. This keyless feature can be particularly appealing for individuals who frequently misplace keys or wish to provide temporary access to guests or service providers without the hassle of physical keys.

Another significant difference is in their compatibility with smart home systems. The Kwikset 917 is a traditional deadbolt and does not offer any smart home integration capabilities. Conversely, the 955 model is equipped with smart lock technology, allowing it to connect to home automation platforms such as Z-Wave or Zigbee. This integration enables users to control their locks remotely, integrate them with other smart devices, and create custom automation routines for added convenience and security.

Ultimately, the choice between the Kwikset 955 and 917 hinges on individual preferences and priorities. Homeowners seeking reliable security with a touch of modern convenience may opt for the 955, while those who prefer the simplicity and familiarity of traditional deadbolts may lean towards the 917. Regardless of the decision, both locks offer quality craftsmanship and security for peace of mind.

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