Top 4 Hot Air Balloon Festivals From Around the World

Looking for an exciting and different vacation? An excuse to go somewhere you’ve never been and see something you’ve never seen? Or perhaps the chance to see a familiar place in a new way, from high above the earth? Hot air balloon festivals take place all around the world, and are the perfect way to spend a family vacation, especially if you’ve become bored with the average fare. Picture six hundred wine country balloon rides taking off at the same timeย—you can be sure it’s no ordinary sight! Here’s a list of some of the best balloon festivals in the world.

1. The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

This New Mexico balloon festival is the largest in the world. It is generally held in the first week of October, and stretches over a nine day period. During the fiesta visitors can view balloon races and other competitions involving both speed and accuracy, as well as check out the balloon educational centre. Special exhibitions of shaped balloons and balloons from the various represented nations are also on the schedule. Rides are also available for those daring and adventurous family members.

2. Astra Bristol International Balloon Fiesta

Held in August in Bristol, UK, this event is not only the biggest UK balloon festival but the biggest European festival as well. The fiesta lasts four days, and admission is free. Attractions include helicopter displays and parachuting as well as balloon flights and competitions.

3. Canberra Balloon Festival

Australia is the site of a growing balloon festival in Canberra. While the festival is not as large or as established as those mentioned above, it is worth checking out! It happens in mid March, and lasts about a week. For a multinational feel, the organizers try to attract international balloons and pilots. The last event featured balloons from Hong Kong and Belgium. This event is the place to go for a more intimate festival located in a stunning venue.


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