What Is Depression? Depression Therapy Based on Dream Translation

Depression is a horrible feeling of sadness and impotence. Your heart becomes heavy; you are so sad that you cannot even breathe. Depression becomes a mental illness when not treated. However, in the beginning it is an obvious consequence of the way you live.

You make many mistakes, and your world is a living hell ruled by terror and violence. You may try to ignore the horrors of the world, but your indifference cannot help you avoid feeling depressed for living in such world.

Depression becomes a mental illness when you don’t understand why you are depressed, or when you accept absurd solutions for your problems.

When you are desperately trying to find a way out of your despair and you accept absurd solutions, you become a slave of your anti-conscience; the wild side of your conscience. Without understanding how, you start doing only what causes suffering, and you cannot find peace. This is why depression is very dangerous. It can very easily lead you to worse mental illnesses.

Dream translation is the best natural depression treatment you can find because your doctor is the wise unconscious mind that produces your dreams. The unconscious mind is the voice of divine providence. The unconscious wisdom will enlighten you, and help you find balance.

Your depression will disappear thanks to the knowledge you’ll acquire for translating your dreams and understanding the wise unconscious lessons. You will also transform your personality and learn how to do what will improve your life.

The unconscious mind gives you lessons in dreams by giving you examples. For example, you may have a dream in which you are living in another place, with different people. This means that you are studying parts of your personality you were not aware of. The fact that you are not at home but living somewhere else, indicates that you have abandoned your refuge, which is the known region of your psyche, and you are learning many things you didn’t want to understand before.

This simple dream image is already reflecting your progress. As you study the meaning of your dreams, you discover that there are many other components of your personality you ignore.

After having this vision, your attitude will change. You may discover that you are aggressive because you are always afraid of everyone. You can only feel What is the connection between sleep and mood when you have many conflicts in your social life.

You may be neglecting many details in your life, while believing that you are a sensible person. If you act without thinking, you may be doing what your anti-conscience desires, instead of doing what your human conscience believes that is better for you. This situation will cause depression and anxiety. However, you cannot understand what is happening to you.

This is why you need the vision given by dream translation according to the scientific method. The unconscious mind that produces your dreams is an excellent doctor.

I can translate your dreams for you in the beginning, and help you immediately solve your worst problems. Later you will study my dynamic method of instant dream translation, derived from Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation and have this knowledge forever.

Many people prefer submitting their dreams for a professional dream translation and immediately understand what to do in order to stop suffering. They have no conditions to study the dream language. If your depression is too unbearable, you need the help of a professional dream translator, so that you may acquire the courage you need to continue your battle in life.

I can instantly translate the meaning of the dream language made by images and help you immediately find support. Translating the dream language to words you can understand is like a translating languages made only by words, like translating English to French.

After my translations you receive free psychotherapy forever. This means that I will answer all your questions and really help you solve your problems thanks to the knowledge you’ll acquire after learning the unconscious words in your dreams. We will exchange many email messages, until you feel that you really found the solutions you were looking for.

This part of my work has a religious meaning. I feel that I have the moral obligation to help you solve your problems, even if you are not a good patient.

For example, if you are like one of my patients who had numerous nightmares every night and sent me a message because he was desperate, you may hardly find support through dream translation. This patient was lazy because he was paralyzed by fear. He didn’t want to follow the unconscious guidance. He kept doing what was bad for him, without working on changing his behavior.

He was constantly depressed. He was accepting his mental illness and trying to live with it, instead of trying to eliminate it. Mental illnesses are poisonous disorders that must be immediately eliminated.

I’m still giving him my free support after translating his first dreams. I don’t need to translate more dreams for him; I already understood his main problems. He is a young man, who could be my son. I won’t let him have nightmares forever. However, I depend on his cooperation. He still refuses to obey the guidance given by the unconscious mind in his dreams.

This is a serious problem. When the patient doesn’t cooperate with his psychotherapy, and he insists on repeating the same mistakes, there is no way he may find salvation.

However, I’m persistent. I never abandon my patients because my work is not only scientific. I’m not merely a doctor who has the obligation to care about the mental health of my patients until certain point. I’m also a nun, even though I live among the worst sinners of this world, as if I was a common person.

The first, scientific part of my work, is very simple, even though it takes time and concentration. I simply exchange images with words. Now that I discovered the meaning of many dream symbols, after nineteen years of research, and after curing numerous people through dream therapy, translating the meaning of dreams is a very simple practice for me, and for many of my students.

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